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Omiyale Jubè


Leader.    Life Changer.    Humanitarian.


Omiyale Jube is the Founder of Navigate Your Existence, an organization designed to open new portals of understanding for those who desire to “Take Control of their Life’s Destination.”

A powerful speaker, Omiyale intrigues her audience as she shares her personal journey from the projects of Harlem- labeled culturally deprived, to positions of power experiencing success in both her professional and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Omiyale’s journey consisted of a series of A-ha moments that simplified the most complex and sometimes misunderstood concepts of life, converting them to tools of empowerment that she used to transform her very existence.

She possesses an uncanny ability to provide answers to those yet unanswered, nagging questions about life, provide new perspectives with which to view the world, and guide participants to look within for direction.

Sharing these A-ha moments affords her an extraordinary connection to her audiences as she guides them to ignite the power within.  She utilizes her journey to teach others how to find their internal compass, and chart their course of destination.  Omiyale’s journey as an acclaimed speaker and commitment to service has won her numerous awards and recognition from various organizations, and persons of distinction.


Currently, Omiyale resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. A retired school administrator, she has always been inspired to share knowledge, affect change, and champion the evolution of humanity.  Her speaking and seminar series is dedicated to the ascension of humanity through rediscovery of the Essence that is You.  

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